Article VI

SGA Funding


Section 1. The source of funds for the SGA shall be the activities fees paid by member of the student body, which are included in the cost of tuition. The fees are collected by the University and duly set aside for the SGA by the Vice President of Finance.

Section 2. Funds from the university are made available no sooner than six weeks after the last day of add/drop, following census date. ​

Section 3. The distribution of the funds from SGA are as follows:

  • SGA Functional Budget: 3%
    • Club Hub Supplies
    • SGA Events
    • SGA Supplies (Nametags, National organization fees, etc.)
  • Registered Student Organizations Allocations: 52%
  • Campus Union Board Allocation: 41%
  • RSO Copy budget: 2%
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: 2%

Section 4. Budget Allocation Timeline and Request process

  1. The Executive Treasurer will notify all club organization presidents and treasurers about the location of the budget request forms, the timeline for submissions and the procedure in which to have them completed.
  2. SGA Executive Treasure has the right to approve individual budget requests of $500 or less.
  3. SGA Budget Committee must convene to review & approve budget requests of $501 or more
  4. The Executive Treasurer shall notify organization treasurers no later than 3 days following the decision regarding allocations of the Budget Committee.
  5. To receive SGA funding, an organization must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a Registered Student Organization with the Department of Student Engagement
  • Be in good standing with Inter-Club Council and RSO Standards
  • Abide by the non-discrimination policy of the University
      1. "Queens does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sex (including pregnancy, child birth and conditions related to pregnancy or child birth), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, national origin, disability, political beliefs, veteran status, genetic information or any characteristic protected by law in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, employment and hiring policies, or other university-administered programs."

Non-RSO Budget Requesting Policy

  • Honor Societies, Social fraternities & sororities, and any organization that restricts its membership must go through a separate process to request SGA funding.
  • Above mentioned organizations may request funds while the budget request period, but all organization requests will be processed after clubs. Clubs are given priority to the budget and allocation process, and will be approved before organizations.
  • Any requests for funding by a non-RSO must be presented by the members of the organization to the entire Senate.
  • A maximum of $1,000 can be requested by a single non-RSO in a given year.
  • Any approved SGA funds must be used in accordance with RSO Funding Policies in Section 6.

Section 5. Budget Allocation Usage
  • The Budget Committee must approve all expenditures before any transactions are completed.
  • All expenses of $1,000 or less should be charged to the SGA Credit Card. SGA will NOT issue refunds/reimbursements for charges using personal funds without prior approval.
    • Credit Card requests must be submitted via e-mail at least 24 hours in advance.
    • SGA Credit Cards will only be loaned out for 2 hours at a time. If additional time is needed, please coordinate with the SGA Advisor.
  • For expenses greater than $1,000, an invoice is required prior to purchase and the RSO Treasurer must get a PO Request completed, signed by the SGA Advisor and the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • All forms, policies and procedures are available at

Section 6. RSO Funding Policies:
  • SGA RSO Funds are student funds designated for the enhancement of the quality the student experience in accordance with the mission of Queens University of Charlotte.
  • SGA funds shall not be allocated for:
    • purchase of alcoholic beverages;
    • ​​direct donations to outside organizations;
    • ​purchase of apparel for members of an RSO
    • funding activities which fulfill academic requirements.
    • SGA RSO funds shall not be used to give cash, gift cards or equivalent directly to club members, faculty, or staff.
      • With special approval gifts may be used for prizes at an approved event or as an honorarium for external speakers/guests.
      • Appropriate paperwork must be completed for all gifts
  • SGA funds may not be used by any RSO to plan or execute an event after the last day of class each semester.
  • Registered Student Organizations may only use SGA funding to provide food/drink at a meeting once a semester and must not exceed $200. There must be prior approval via the budget request process.  The purpose of food at meetings is to celebrate or reward, not to gain membership in the organization.  Thus, most requests for food are approved for the beginning of the semester or end of a semester (although other times of the year are clearly acceptable so long as it is only once per semester).
  • All catering requests for on-campus events, including events at the Sports Complex, must be fulfilled through Queens' Dining Services, unless permission is granted through the SGA Executive Treasurer to use off-campus catering.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made by the SGA Executive Branch so long as the amount does not exceed $200. If the request is for above $200 it must be approved by the full body of the SGA Budget Committee.
  • Any club proposing a clothing request should consider the following limitation:
    • $15 per item
    • 75% of the total cost per item
      • Registered Student Organization requests for trips must be approved by the Budget Committee and follow the Conference, Retreat and Trips Policy. This policy shall be reviewed by the Budget Committee annually. Any changes to this policy should be presented to and approved by Senate.
  1. The Conference, Retreat or Trip shall be specifically related to an approved student organization and there exists little doubt the conference will ultimately benefit the student body primarily and the individual students and/or club members second. To ensure these criteria is met, each group that attends an SGA funded conference must organize a program utilizing learned topics that is open to the entire campus.
  2. Any conference cannot be an academic conference related to one's major, minor or field of study. Students are encouraged to seek funds for this purpose from the academic department.
  3. The Conference, Retreat or Trip cannot be used for the primary purpose of professional networking in your chosen professional field.
  4. Conference, Retreat or Trip requests must be presented in a document to the SGA Treasurer 2 weeks prior to approval is needed.
  5. Funding will be approved and provided on a first come, first served basis.
  6. All SGA sourced funding approved for Conference, Retreat or Trip requests will not exceed 60% of the total cost of the conference including lodging, food and transportation. All other funding must be obtained through other sources.
    1. Food for conference, retreat or trip will follow the University policy on per diem allocations.
    2. Mileage paid for transportation will be allocated based on the per mileage rate established annually by the USA Government.
  7. The SGA Budget Committee and the SGA Senate reserves the right to suggest changes to conference budgets (i.e. less expensive lodging, alternate forms of transportation, etc.)
  8. If approved, a written report must be presented to the SGA Executive Treasurer within 30 days of the passing of the event, offering evidence as to a planned program that will benefit the entire campus community.
  9. The SGA Budget Committee and the SGA Senate reserves the right to deny any conference request citing budgetary concerns.

Section 7. Appealing the SGA Budget Process

  • Decisions made by the SGA Budget Committee may be appealed and heard by the full Senate.
  • Appeals will be presented by representatives from the student organization in person during an SGA Senate meeting.
  • Decisions made by the Senate on appeals are final.

​Section 8. Remaining Funds
  • Any funds remaining from the Fall semester that are unallocated or unused by the RSO's shall be held be reabsorbed by the SGA RSO Budget. These funds will have the chance to be re-allocated during Spring budget approvals. Decisions as to how to allocate remaining money will be proposed by the SGA Budget Committee.
  • Any funds remaining at the end of the spring semester will be re-absorbed into the SGA Committees Fund to be used for future expenditures, as deemed necessary by the SGA Budget Committee, Senate Committees and Exec Board.

Section 9. Violation of these policies and any inappropriate use of funds shall be considered an Honor Code violation. Until a review can occur by the Honor Council, all allocated funds to a Registered Student Organization in violation of the be above policies will be frozen. Any program that was to occur during the frozen period will be canceled and those funds returned to the SGA RSO Fund. ​