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​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome Royals ​Class of 2022​

Sed Min Household is moving to HBO Hall for 2018-2019!

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The Sed Min Household in Hall Brown Overcash Residence Hall is a community for residential first year students at Queens. This program, a combined experience from Residence Life and D.I.C.E, was created around the purposes of building strong relationships and discovering personal passions for service, while learning about yourself as a leader and new member of the Queens Community. As a part of this Living Learning community, students re-think what it means to give back and to live out the Queens motto: "not to be served, but to serve."​​

What are Living Learning Communities?

​ Develop Passions

As part of either Living Learning Community, students learn more about about themselves as individuals, as a team, and as leaders. Throughout the year, residents will have the opportunity to engage in personal, professional and leadership development while learning what it is that they are passionate about.

​ Living Together

Residents of Sed Min Household llive as a cohort in Belk Residene Hall which provides communal-style accomodations. Belk has four residents, with male and female restrooms and shower rooms on each floor.

Finding Purpose

Each Living Learning Community is developed to bring students of like-minded goals and passions together for a unique experience. Whether you want to give back to the community or enhance your leadership skills, you'll have the chance to connect with students who want to do the same.​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I've been put on the waiting list - how will I know if I get a spot in Belk?

Students offered positions in Sed Min have until August 1st to either accept or decline their offer. Beginning August 2nd, students on the waiting list will be moved into spots accordingly, should there be space available.

2. I got into Sed Min Household in Belk, but am not with my requested roommate (or my preferred roommate was wait listed).

​You will have until August 1st to decide if you would like to decline your offer for Sed Min and be roomed in either Albright or Hayes Hall with your requested roommate. Please note that Belk offers accomodations for 80 students, and consolidation with your preferred roommate is possible if requested! 

3. Where do I live if I'm part of the LLC?

Students who are part of our Learning Community are housed in Belk Hall, just off the main residential quad. Belk adds charm to community-style living, and is equipped with laundry rooms, study rooms, and male and female restrooms and shower rooms on each floor. If you come for a tour of the campus, the Admissions' show room is located in Hayes; please note that Belk is just next door!

4. I'm on a scholarship that requires me to be very involved with a certain program on campus, can I still be a part of an LLC?

Absolutely! Being a part of an LLC is somewhat of a commitment, but you will have plenty of time to commit to other programs, clubs and organizations, or ​leadership opportunities on campus. Students in previous years have been a part of athletic programs, Greek organizations, Campus Union board, and more!​

​Quick Links​​​



Student ​Agreem​ent Form
LLC Ques​tionnaire

​Sed Min Students are expected to commit to the following:

1. Attend regular monthly meetings 

2. A monthly service component by EITHER:
     A. Participating in one (1) Saturday Service opportunity through the Center for Active Citizenship.
     B. Logging seven (7) service hours on your own.

3. Remain in good standing with the University.


​Chemaria Washington       Residence Life
Morrison 221 |