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Mission Statement

Through advocacy, challenge, and support of the student experience, the Department of Residence Life & Housing provides a safe and healthy residential environment, and encourages transformative development of individual students within engaged and inclusive communities. 

Vision Statement

As an innovative and collaborative department, Residence Life and Housing will serve as a resource to provide an inclusive and engaged community that encourages individual development resulting in a transformative and fulfilling residential student experience.

Important Dates for 2018-2019

Checking In to Residence Halls
August 11 @ 10am - 12pm
     Early Arrival Athlete Move In**
     **Fall sports only - check with coach.

August 17 @ 11am - 2​pm
     Thrive Students Move In

August 19 @ 2pm - 3pm
     Urban Immersion Student Move In

August 22 @ 10am - 12noon
     Ambassadors & ROAR Leaders Move In

August 24 @ 8am - 11am 
     New Student Move-In
     Check your email for details about 
     your arrival time.

August 25 @ 9am - 2pm & August 26 @ 1-5pm
     Returning Student Move-In

January 5 @ 10am - 12pm
     New Student Move In for Spring 2019

Checking Out from Residence Halls
*Students must check-out 24 hours after your last final exam.

December 15 @ 10am
     Check-Out Deadline for Students Not
     Returning for Spring 2019

May 1 @ 10am
     Check-Out Deadline for Students Not
     Graduating or Cleared for Late Stay

May 4 @ 5pm
     Check-Out Deadline for Graduates


Join Our RA Team!

Interested in becoming a Resident Assistant? The RA selection process for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin January 2019. Be on the lookout for more information!

Overview of the position: Under the supervision of the Residence Life staff, the Resident Assistant (RA) aids students in their personal adjustment to Queens, promotes community and connectedness within the residence halls, enforces policies, serves as a mentor and mediator in the hall, and creates and facilitates programs and events for the community. In addition, RAs are role models to other students, should make healthy and positive choices, and fully support the mission and vision of Residence Life. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Be a full-time QU student for at least one semester
  • Possess and maintain a 2.75 semester  
  • Carry no more than 21 credit hours/semester   
  • Have lived in campus housing for at least one  academic semester
  • Be in good judicial standing with Queens University of Charlotte

​Specific Responsibilities

  • Community Building: being visible and availble in the hall i​​n an effort to develop meaninful relationships with residents; encourage student success academically, emotionally, and socially

  • Programming: plan and facilitate hall events that meet the needs of the community; collaborate with student organizations and staff to enrich the residential experience

  • Policy Enforcement: follow and enforce the Honor Code; serve in a duty rotation and respond to conflict and crises that occur

  • Administration: co-facilitate departmental processes including but not limited to student check-in and check-out, room selection, rommate mediation, and hall inspections; complete departmental paperwork and tasks as assigned

​Position Expectations

  • ​RAs are expected to dedicate 11 hours per week to their role and can be loosely defines as: 2 hours of programming, 2 hours of "office" hours, 3-4 hours of relationship building, 1-3 hours of meeting time
  • Co-curricular activities and outside work hours should be limited to 20 hours per week
  • ​RAs must be available for the opening and closing of residence halls
  • RAs will be required to attend a weekly large staff meeting during college hour from 10:40-11:40 am on Wednesdays each semester
  • All first-year RAs will be required to take the RA Leadership Class during the fall semester from 3:45-4:35 pm on Friday afternoons
  • ​RAs are expected to communicate regularly and openly, and perform other duties as assigned by the Residence Life and Housing Staff

​Compensation and Benefits

  • First-year RAs are paid a total of $3,500, before taxes. This is paid throughout the academic year for eleven hours per week
  • All RAs pay a flat rate of $2,500 for housing per semester for all housing options resulting in a minimum yearly discount of $1,504 for student housing
  • Supervision and mentioring, leadership development, and campus networking

Quick Links & Forms

Our Team 

Dr. Amber Perrell
Associate Dean of Students

Kayla George
Director of Residence Life & Housing ​

AJ Summer
Assistant Director​​​​​​

Amanda Morales
Assistant Director​​​

Monica Gillette
Assistant Director​​​​​​

Chemaria Washington
Graduate Intern​​​​​


Residence Life Main Office

Important Contacts

RA On-Call Numbers
Duty Phone A - 704-989-6659
Duty Phone B - 704-989-6483

Maintenance & Pest Issues 

Campus Police

Student Health & Wellness Center

Center for Student Success

Center for Internships & Career Programs