​​​​Room squatting is when an individual living in a room this year requests to be placed in the same room the following year. Only students living in rooms not reserved for entering freshmen and who are officially recognized as a room occupant by the Department of Residence Life & Housing as of March 12th may elect to squat their room.

Please note: All of the current residents of a room do not need remain in the room, but a room must be filled to capacity in order to squat it. A current occupant may elect to squat their room and pull in other students (those can be from any class year, including Rising Sophomores), everyone must be eligible to sign into the room.


  • Residents in building reserved for entering freshmen (Albright, Barnhardt, ​Belk, and Hayes) are not eligible to squat their current assignment.
  • The March 12th deadline is to avoid manipulation of this privilege; changing rooms at the last minute only for the purposes of squatting. Students who change rooms after that date may not be able to squat that room.

Rooms that are not eligible to squat:

  • ADA rooms for student accommodations​.
  • Any rooms reserved for Resident Assistants.
  • Designated first year rooms/buildings.

The Department of Residence Life & Housing reserves the right to reject squatting requests.