​Here are some helpful tips on navigating our Room Selection Process


​Step 1: Do Your Research​Step 2: Get Your Lottery Number​Step 3: Develop A Plan ​Step 4: Choose A Room
You should start by thinking about where you want to live and what you need to do to live there. Do you want to live in Byrum, HBO, or Wireman? Do you want a Single or Double?  All of these options are unique accommodations.  Talk to your friends, your RA, and take part in advertised informational opportunities!
Lottery numbers are based upon classification, will be assigned at random, and sent to your Queens e-mail address. Each number comes with a date and a selection time. If you miss your selection date, you will not be able to select until the last selection day!
Prefernce will be given to the suite or room that has the best lottery number.
If you did not receive an e-mail with a number or you lost it, please contact us.

​This can be the most challenging step. Things you should consider: Who do I want to live with?  How many people do I want to live with?  Where are we looking to live?


It is important to have multiple options. If you come to Room Selection with only one thing in mind, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

The e-mail with​ your lottery number will have the date, and time,that you will be able to participate in our online room selection process. ALL students who plan to live on-campus must participate in the online room selection process in order to be assigned to a room!  In order to have preference in selecting a room, you must be able to fill the room to its capacity.

A Note about Vacancies

Inevitably some students who select rooms through lottery will end up leaving Queens over the summer. If that happens in your room you should expect that space to be filled and in some cases you will have the opportunity to request a new roommate. In a case where you are unwilling to accept a new roommate, you will be reassigned to a different room.