​​​​​​What is the lottery?​What does my lottery number mean?What if I want to live with someone from a lower classification (like a current junior who wants to room with a current sophomore or freshman)?​If I am a rising sophomore who gets pulled into a room before my assigned room selection day, do I still need to select a room on my assigned day?What if I need Special Housing accommodation​​ for the 18-19 school year?
​For returning students your choice of room is based on an assigned lottery number. All eligible students will receive a random number within a class.  

Currently classified Seniors will have the first pick, then currently classified Juniors, and so on.
​Your lottery number is randomly assigned within your class year. Currently classified seniors will have the first pick which means they have a better chance of getting a desired housing assignment, then currently classified juniors, followed by currently classified sophomores, and currently classified freshmen. The number is yours to use, it is not transferable.

On your day of selection, you will be able to pull in any student without an assignment; however your chances of getting a specific room would be lessened because you are bringing in someone with a lower class rank. Students with a higher classification will have a greater chance of getting their desired room.

​NO, your room assignment will already be put into the Jenzabar system, however it will still be necessary for you to log on to your MyQueens account on your selection day to fill out your housing contract in order to secure your room assignment.
​It will be necessary for you to contact Cort Schneider, Director of Student Accessibility Services prior to room selection to ensure that you are properly accommodated.  All accommodation requests are due by March 12, 2018.

Housing Preference Examples

If seniors select/request underclassmen as roommates, preference will be given to the group that has the most seniors, regardless of lottery number.

​Group 1​Group 2
​Senior with lottery number 1​Senior with lottery number 10
​Senior with lottery number 18​Senior with lottery number 13
​Junior with lottery number 22​Senior with lottery number 16

Group 2 will be given preference because there are 3 seniors.

Selection based on lottery numbers (on assigned selection day) will only be utilized if class standings are the same.

​​Group 1​Group 2
​Senior with lottery​ number 1​Senior with lottery number 6
​Senior with lottery number 8​Senior with lottery number 5
​Junior with lottery number 37​Junior with lottery number 1

Group 1 will be given preference because of the seniors' lottery numbers. Juniors' lottery number do not become a factor until junior selection day. ​