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​Are you the President or Treasurer of a club or organization but haven't received any information? 

You may not be registered or we may not have the correct contact information. 

Complete this form HERE​

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Looking to start a new Club or Organization? 

  • ​View our New Club or Organization Handbook​ to see information required to create a new RSO. Here, you'll find policies and procedures for eligibility, privileges, and responsibilities, as well as information on creating a constitution.
  • Need to create a constitution and need a little formatting help? Check out our RSO Sample Constitution, where you can insert. your personalized RSO information! 
  • Once you have all your information and materials required, complete the RSO Registration Form​ to complete the registration process. This form is for all current and new RSO's. ​​

Already a registered Club or Organization? 
  • ​Sign up for the Clubs and Organizations Fair HERE
  • For information regarding policies, procedures, SGA funding, and campus programming information, check out the Clubs & Organizations Handbook.​
  • Will there be a change in leadership for your RSO? Check out the Leadership Transition Handbook

Clubs & Orgs Training (For Executive Officers)

Required: President's, Treasurer's, and any other executive member

​Students may choose ONE training date below to attend. 

  • ​Wednesday, September 8, 2021
  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Time: 10:40 am -11:40 am 
Location: Tyson Room (Gambrell 101)

Space Reservation Training will take place separately. Presidents are required to attend this training. 

SGA Budget Request (This section is currently under review.)​

​RSOs have the opportunity to request funding from the Student Government Association. 

​RSOs must complete the Budget Request Form for each request needed. 
  • Requests for the Spring 2021 semester will be open and available until 9:00PM EST ​Wednesday February 10, 2021

Once you have been approved for funding by SGA, you may begin the process of submitting the proper documentation for payment. 

  1. ​Check the Active Vendor List to see if the vendor (person or company you are paying) is already in our system for their Vendor ID. If the vendor is not currently in our system then you must have them send you their W-9. If the vendor does not have a W-9 (usually the case if they are not a company or business) you must send them a Vendor Form to complete. Have them send you the completed form and send directly to Mary Alice Boyd, boydma@queens.edu. You will then receive an email once the Finance Office has placed them in our system with a Vendor ID.
  2. If your payment to a vendor is $1000.00 or more then you must complete a Purchase Order (PO) Form. You will need the signature of the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Vice President of Student Affairs before submitting the form the ​ Finance Office.​ Once complete, the Finance Office will email you with a PO Number that you will use for the check request.
  3. ​To complete payment via check, you will need to submit a completed Check Request​ to the Finance Office two weeks before the check is cut (checks are cut on Thursday's of each week). If the check request is more than $1000.00 you will need to write the PO Number on the request. All check request must be signed by the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement.
  4. ​If requesting to use the SGA Credit card, for online purchases or for an in-person purchase, you must contact the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement, Monica Gillette at GilletteM@Queens.edu, 48 hours in advance. Pick-up and drop off will be in Morrison 221.

​Inter-Club Council Meetings

All active RSOs must participate all Inter-Club Council (ICC) Meetings to remain in good standing. Executive Officers are preferred to attend, however, if an Executive Officer is unable to attend, please plan accordingly for another member to attend. ICC meets three times per semester, dates below:​

All meetings are 10:40A to 11:40A .​

Clubs & Orgs Fair 2021

Ready to get engaged on campus? Join the many Clubs & Organizations at the Clubs & Orgs Fair to see what opportunities are in store for you! With academic honor societies, philanthropic organizations, and social interest clubs, there's a club or organization for everyone!

To register your Club or Organization for the Clubs & Orgs Fair, please click HERE.​

​RSO Program Evaluation
All Clubs are required to complete one campus-wide program per semester and one community service or philanthropic event per year. Once you have completed these requirements, please complete the Reflection for each event. You must complete the program and reflection form to remain in good standing.​

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Leadership Programming, Jo Mercado, at mercadoj@queens.edu.