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Leadership Workshops - Fall 2020

Although Queens will be functioning virtual for the Fall 2020 semester, we encourage all students to participate in continuing leadership education and training​ through our thoughtfully designed leadership workshops. These workshops will be provided virtually and will be available for all students to participate within! Below are a list of the workshops provided with date, time, and link to join:

Leading Through Change: 
  • Change is inevitable. During change, others look up to those in leadership roles for guidance, reassurance, and leadership. This workshop will discuss the process of change and how to understand that process in a way in which to provide followers the sense of ownership of the change and ways in which to lead effectively and successfully through the process.​
Leading for Change: 
  • ​​​​​​Students will learn how becoming active citizens within their community can provide a ripple effect of positive social change. Learning about the Social Change model, students will begin the process of looking at individual values, group values, and societal values intertwining to create the change within their communities and learning how to effectively share those values with others.​
Leadership by Inclusion: 
  • ​​​​​​Understanding, appreciating, and representing others from diverse backgrounds is essential as a leader. Students will learn about the Big 8 identities, what those mean for individuals, how they shape who we are, and the importance of representing all during times of leadership. ​
Maximizing your Skills: Transferrable Skills through Leadership Engagement: 
  • ​This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to gage their experiences with their future endeavors, looking between the lines at how they are able to sell themselves and their leadership roles. This workshop will help students determine those skills that are able to be transferred from experience to experience and how to sell those skills to show an intertwining of related skill sets. ​
Collaboration through Communication: 
  • As citizens of the 21st century, we have a vast array of opportunities to communicate and connect with others close to us as well as across the globe through various tools. This workshop will provide students an inside look into the understanding of how to communicate effectively to diverse individuals while ensuring their core values are being met and represented. This will provide students with a resource when working as a team to creative highly effective work environments.​
SMART Goals: 
  • ​​​​​​Students will learn more about creating attainable and achievable goals through the SMART goals workshop. This workshop is designed to provide students an opportunity to look at how they can take their goals, as Queens students, and create a plan to achieve those goals while on campus. ​
Virtual Leadership: 
  • ​As students begin this semester of virtual learning, this workshop will provide students with tools and resources needed to encourage continued growth as a leader on Queens' campus.​
​Leading at Queens: 
  • This workshop is designed to provide students an opportunity to gage and understand the ways in which they can become engaged and practiced leaders on campus. Students will learn more about programs they can participate in, club & organization opportunities, leadership roles on campus, and begin the process of looking at what it means to be an active citizen within our community.

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Joshua Cauble, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Student Engagement 
for Leadership Programming

caublej@queens.edu  |  704-337-2264  |  Morrison 210