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Perspective Taking 101:  Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes


McEwen 205

Start Time

2/27/2019 6:00 PM

End Time

2/27/2019 7:00 PM


Perspective Taking 101:  Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

Facilitated by Health & Wellness Services

·       Wednesday, February 27 @ 6:00 p.m. (McEwen 205)


Learn how to communicate with others who may hold values and opinions that are different from your own. Students will explore potential gains and potential challenges of engaging in communication regarding varied opinions and values. Students will develop active listening skills, explore the concept of relativistic thinking, & explore their own values system.

Reflection Questions:

1.     Describe a value in your life that has changed over time. Why did it change? What did you learn?

2.     What can you gain from examining other's values and opinions that differ from your own?

3.     How can active listening skills help you achieve your goals?

4.     What strategies can you use to take an individual's perspective when you disagree with them?




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2/27/2019 6:00 PM

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2/27/2019 7:00 PM


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