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Oct 01
EDUCAUSE Top Ten Issues and Our Strategic Priorities

​Queens IT Services is hosting the EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference on campus this week, and we've been thrilled to be able to offer sessions on disruption & innovation, flipped classrooms, supporting student success, and other top technology issues for our faculty & staff. One of this morning's sessions was the unveiling of EDUCAUSE's Top Ten Issues list for 2015. Here's the list:

  1. Hiring & retaining qualified staff, and updating the knowledge and skills of existing technology staff.
  2. Optimizing the use of technology in teaching and learning in collaboration with academic leadership, including understanding the appropriate level of technology to use.
  3. Developing IT funding models that sustain core service, support innovation and facilitate growth.
  4. Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology.
  5. Demonstrating the business value of IT and how IT can help the institution achieve its goals.
  6. Increasing the IT organization's capacity for managing change, despite differing community needs, priorities, and abilities.
  7. Providing user support in the new normal - mobile, online education, cloud, and the BYOD environment.
  8. Developing security policies for mobile, cloud and digital resources that work for most of the institutional community.
  9. Developing an enterprise IT architecture that can respond to changing conditions and new opportunities.
  10. Balancing agility, openness, and security.

I was especially interested in how this list compares to the Strategic Priorities we've defined for our department:

  1. Prioritize the Student Experience
  2. Partner with Faculty for Student Excellence
  3. Promote Efficient & Sustainable Operations
  4. Provide Robust & Resilient Infrastructure
  5. Pursue Ubiquitous Access

Our list is intended to be more timeless, and EDUCAUSE's is timely specifically for this year, but I'm glad to see there's a lot of alignment between the two lists.
Sep 03

​Welcome to another great year at Queens! All of us in IT Services are very excited about the progress we've made on several critical initiatives this year, including expanded WiFi, new classroom technology, and free software & storage for students. See the video below for more information:


Dec 13
Welcome to the New MyQueens

I'm very excited about this first step in introducing the new MyQueens. Today, we're introducing the new MyQueens homepage, ITS site, and a few other features. Other departmental sites will move from the previous MyQueens platform to this new site throughout the Spring and Summer, and all sites (whether on the old site or new) will always be available through the Departments, Schools, and Workgroup links above.

We're also introducing blogging capability for all users - faculty, staff, and students. To create your blog, visit your profile by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of this window then click "About Me." Your blog link is on the left side of that page, and you can begin writing posts immediately - no installation or customization required. If you want to change the colors or title of your blog, just click the gear icon in the top right of your blog window and select "site settings" or "change the look." Look for blogging how-to guides and training workshops from ITS during the Spring semester.

Please visit the new ITS site to see an example of some of the new features available for departmental sites, including increased publicly-available content, enhanced mobile compatibility, and interactive forms (ITS Workshop registration is the first of these). Our vision for all departmental sites is a clear move away from large collections of files (Word documents, Excel forms, PDF flyers, etc.) and instead sites that take advantage of web-native and mobile-friendly informational and interactive content.

We're already hard at work on the next group of departmental sites that will be moving onto this new platform. If you're a MyQueens site owner and have a particular migration date you'd like to request, please let us know by submitting a request at We've gotten a great response from everyone who's seen the site thus far, and we're excited about migrating all sites to this new platform throughout the coming months.

If you have any feedback about this new site, please email me or leave a comment below.

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Brian Baute is Chief Information Officer at Queens University of Charlotte.