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Information Technology Services will support the overall goals and strategies of the University.  We will focus specifically on the overall University goal(s) of:

Grow student quality – Highly desirable students will require the institution that they select for their higher education to provide high quality services that leverage technology to provide access to information and speed of service.  They will look for modern technology implementations that enable them to view account information, access systems, rely upon wireless connectivity, and empower them to work collaboratively.

Grow student enrollment – Student enrollment is a competitive market.  Students have a growing number of choices.  ITS will assist in making Queens a compelling place to come because of our technology services.

​Improve student success – Many of the academic and business units across campus have a primary role of ensuring student success.  They are hampered in many regards currently due to technology limitations.  ITS will take a leadership role in working to understand the needed business functionality, identify appropriate technology tools, and implement solutions that empower campus faculty and staff to identify students that need assistance so that they can take appropriate actions to support individual students.

Build academic reputation – Queens is well known for quality instructors, but our faculty are at a disadvantage due to the limited technology tools and training available to them.

Broaden and optimize resource base – We are resource constrained university wide.  ITS will continue to work to identify opportunities to optimize every expenditure to ensure the highest possible return on each technology investment.

Information Technology Services Goals:

  1. ​Build a high performing team of IT professionals that work with business and academic subject matter experts to understand functional needs and deliver technology based solutions.
  2. Complete implementation of a stable technology infrastructure that meets the campus needs of today while preparing for tomorrow.
  3. Partner with campus faculty, staff, students, and administration to ensure the security and integrity of campus data.
  4. Leverage technology to improve business operations and maximize university resources.
  5. Leverage technology to support academic initiatives and maximize university resources.​

Information Technology Services Strategic Initiatives:

  • Develop Business Analyst competencies across all ITS teams.

  • Become active members of the higher education IT community (with peer and aspirational institutions) to contribute to and learn from industry best practices.

  • Work with Senior Leadership utilizing the IT Portfolio Management process to identify, prioritize, and implement opportunities to deploy technology to automate, optimize, and improve academic and business processes in support of university Strategic Imperatives.

  • Work within budget constraints to transition to a functional and reliable classroom technology standard that meets the teaching and learning needs of faculty and students.

  • Utilize a zero based budget approach to align resource allocations with defined operational obligations and growth project opportunities.

  • Leverage user support request data to drive identification of areas for operational enhancements/improvements.
  • Strengthen cost control measures through improved monitoring, analysis, and contract negotiations.
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