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Folder: Budgeting for your LC or courseBudgeting for your LC or course8/22/2018 3:16 PMJeffrey Thomas 
Folder: GenEd Summer 2020 Professional Development Series Workshops!GenEd Summer 2020 Professional Development Series Workshops!6/4/2020 11:25 AMJeffrey Thomas 
Folder: Quantitative ReasoningQuantitative Reasoning8/28/2018 11:01 AMJeffrey Thomas 
Folder: Rubrics and Scaffolded OutcomesRubrics and Scaffolded Outcomes8/19/2019 6:05 PMJeffrey Thomas 
Folder: Significant LearningSignificant Learning6/7/2016 2:26 PMJeffrey Thomas 
Folder: Syllabus and course informationSyllabus and course information8/22/2018 3:15 PMJeffrey Thomas 
EducatingWholeStudent-Sandeen2006.pdfEducatingWholeStudent-Sandeen20067/8/2015 5:11 PMJeffrey Thomas 
Integrative Learning Issue-peerReview 2005.pdfIntegrative Learning Issue-peerReview 20057/8/2015 5:13 PMJeffrey Thomas 
LC Design Guidelines.pdfLC Design Guidelines10/3/2016 10:34 AMJeffrey Thomas 
Proposal for new QLC's.pdfProposal for new QLC's7/13/2015 4:30 PMJeffrey Thomas 
Scaffolded GE Programmatic Outcomes.pdfScaffolded GE Programmatic Outcomes8/19/2019 5:57 PMJeffrey Thomas 
What are High Impact Practices- AACU.pdfWhat are High Impact Practices- AACU7/8/2015 4:50 PMJeffrey Thomas