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​​ Queens Wellness Clinic ​​​​Fast Facts​

Free*, voluntary, confidential, on-campus care for Cigna health insurance members. The Queens Wellness Clinic (QWC) provides biometric screenings, wellness coaching, health education, and may triage minor illnesses and injuries.​

Who: Open to faculty and staff on Queens' Cigna ​medical insurance plan. The Health Promotion Nurse cannot see children or individuals on insurance elsewhere.

Why: Identifying and addressing serious, chronic health risks before they become debilitating is the key to a healthy life. Along the same lines, health insurance costs continue to rise at unsustainable rates. This program allows Queens' Cigna insurance participants to seek low-cost, high-impact care at a convenient on-campus location.

Hours:  Please email or call for appointment.

Where: Dana 003

Cost: Free preventive/maintenance care and free episodic care for PPO members. *HDHP members pay a copay for episodic care, per IRS regulations.



Melissa Santander, RN, MSN
Health Promotion Nurse

To schedule an appointment online:
​​email Queens Wellness Clinic

(NOTE: you must register your Queens Account prior to scheduling an appointment online. Registration directions are found HERE​.)