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​OPT Application Filing Update: If you are graduating this fall and will be applying for OPT, this is an important announcement about the I-765 OPT application fee. A filing fee increase from $410 to $550 was set to be effective on 10/2/2020, however, the OPT application fee Increase is now on hold.

On September 29, 2020, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued a nationwide preliminary injunction and stay on implementation of the 2020 final USCIS fee rule. New fees and form versions associated with that rule that were to be required on October 2, 2020 are now on hold. Use the link to Read the court's order. Students who plan to mail or ship their OPT application after October 2 should verify the current status of the lawsuits and their impact on which form version and fee to file, prior to mailing it. As long as the fee increase is on hold, you should use the 08/25/20 edition of Form I-765 and pay the current filing fee, not the new increased filing fee. 

On October 1 2020, the USCIS website was updated to reflect the preliminary injunction and stay. The Pulliam Center will also post updates to this announcement once additional information is available.

​​Online Resources
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