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Faculty-Led Call for Proposals​​

The Pulliam Center is pleased to announce the Call for Faculty-Led Program Proposals for 2022-2023 programs. The proposal form can be found here, and the budget worksheet can be found here​.​

Please take of the following deadlines:
  • ​November 30: complete and signed proposal, budget, and syllabus outline due to Chairs
  • December 7: complete and signed prposal, budget, and syllabus outline due to Deans
  • December 16: proposal, budget, and syllabus completed and signed by faculty leaders, chairs, and deans due to PCIE​

Global JBIP Reveal and Important Information and Resources

As we look at the resumption of JBIP travel, we're watching a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • CDC/WHO/State Department risk levels
  • open borders/allowable entry by travelers from the US
  • visa issuance (if required)
  • quarantine, vaccine and testing requirements of the host country
  • quarantine, vaccine and testing requirements for the US (we also need to be mindful of requirements upon return and how that might affect travelers)
  • availability of hotels, transportation, reliable service providers, etc. which may have been impacted by COVID in some locations

Quarantine requirements currently present the biggest obstacle for resuming short-term faculty-led programs. While it's feasible for students going abroad for a semester or summer to complete a 2 (or in some cases 3) week quarantine, it's just not feasible time-wise or financially to add a 2-3 week quarantine period onto a 10-14 day program.

While it's not clear when restrictions might loosen enough to make short-term international travel feasible, we hope it will become clearer as more vaccines are administered world wide and countries adapt travel restrictions and requirements accordingly. Therefore at this time, it seems advisable to postpone our JBIP Reveal (typically be held mid-March) to allow more time for conditions to shift sufficiently. This will be important not only for us but for the students who have dealt with so much uncertainty in the last year.  While this is a very different timeline for Queens, it is the norm for many institutions .

In the meantime, we are continuing discussions with program providers and travel partners to lay initial groundwork for your programs so that they can keep us abreast of the current on-ground situation in each location. 

And, so you are prepared for what students and your advisees may ask you:

  • We are proceeding forward with plans for students to participate in semester abroad programs next year. Longer-term summer programs such as Language Immersion, International Internships, and the Summer Programs in France and China may also be able to accommodate quarantines, if necessary.
  • We redesigned our Study Abroad 101 information sessions into a Canvas course with complimentary live Q&A sessions that we will launch mid-March. We hope this will make information about study abroad more accessible to students year-round.
  • For students who won't be able to travel before graduating, we are still offering the opportunity to use JBIP funds for Virtual International Experiences. The uptake on these opportunities has been very low, so we could certainly use help spreading the word and encouraging students to engage in these important opportunities.

While we wait for the world to be ready for us, I invite you to consider whether your non-JBIP courses present opportunities for infusing global perspectives. To support this, please see the following opportunities:

  • We still have a few Course Internationalization Grants available for Summer 2021 courses. If you are interested in applying, you can find application information here. Applications will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis.

We've compiled a list of virtual international education resources on our MyQueens page, including information about the 360 Global Learning Experiencean immersive virtual international resource that you can use in your classes for free through 2021, and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL, aka Virtual Exchange) pedagogies.

If you have any questions, please email

In sincere appreciation of your continued support of and involvement in the JBIP program and international education at Queens-​​​​

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360 Global Learning Experiences (Virtual Global Learning Resources)

For the 2021 calendar year, Queens faculty have unlimited access to the 360° Global Learning Experiences digital resources for incorporation into their classes. These supplemental materials are designed to enhance coursework with virtual interactive international experiences (think virtual guided tour of Rome, visit to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica, etc.). A list of topics and locations can be viewed on the 360 GLE Materials Overview and a user guide with some recorded demos is also available.

Ready to sign up and get started? Use this signup / registration link and your email address to gain access to all of the materials.

Did you miss the CAFE workshop on Virtual Global Learning Resources? Watch it here.

Access associated weblinks and resources in the Virtual Global Learning Resources links.docx, as well as in the Virtual International Education Resources folder, below.

Contact Angie Edwards ( if you have any questions.

Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning (COIL) Resources
Based on resources compiled by the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and University of Washington Bothell Center
Online Resources