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What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that provides private online spaces for students and faculty to chare content, collaborate, and provide feedback among peers. ​

How to Access Canvas

  1. Go to 
  2. Use your Queens email credentials to log-in (Note: you may need to verify your account using Queens' DUO Security system).

Canvas Instructor Resources

Instructors have access to the Canvas Instructor Resources course. Access this resource in your Canvas Support tab, local in the global navigation menu.

Important Canvas Procedures

Course Creation

Each semester, your department will update Jenzebar with the courses you will be teaching. Once this process is complete, Canvas will be updated and your course shells will appear in the Canvas Dashboard as well as the Courses tab. Once your course shell populates, you are welcome to copy content and make necessary changes to the course.

  • Fall Semester – April 1st
  • Summer Semester – April 1st
  • Spring Semester – November 1st

A​ccess to Past Courses

Following the end of the term, students and faculty will only have access to course as "View Only." Faculty will maintain access to copy their past content into current course shells and Sandboxes.

Upcoming Term Dates [Insert Hyperlink]


If a student has an incomplete and needs access to one of your courses, please contact the Hayworth Center for Online Learning at Be sure to include student's name, course ID, section number, and term.  Per Queens University policy, faculty have discretion to set due dates for incompletes, and should not exceed the fourth week following the semester.

Student Activity Reports

Faculty can verify student course participation and activity in Canvas.

  1. Navigate to your course
  2. Select "People" in the course navigation menu
  3. Find the student in the list
  4. Select the three-dot menu beside student name
  5. Select "User Details"
  6. Select "Access Report"​

Canvas Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​



How do I access my past courses?​Courses that were taught between Spring 2019 to Spring 2020 are available on the Canvas Courses menu when you select All Courses. More detailed steps are found in the Canvas Migration Process.
How do I import a course that is older than Spring 2018?​​​To migrate a course older than Spring 2019​, you will first need to complete a Request Form to have a course shell built. Then you will be able to manually backup the MyCourses file and import into Canvas. 
​How do I manually migrate course content from MyCourses to Canvas.?​Steps to migrate content from MyCourses (also called Moodle) can be found in the Canvas Guides: How do I import from Moodle into Canvas. Here is a step-by-step video​. 
​I've been building in Canvas. Can I import course content to MyCourses for the Fall course I am teaching?​Yes, you can build in your sandbox in Canvas and export the content into Moodle.  Here is a YouTube video​ explaining how.
When will I get access to Canvas?As of June 18, 2020. all faculty and staff have access to Canvas.
How will I be trained?All faculty and students will have access to on-demand asynchronous training. For faculty, there will also be live training sessions upcoming hosted by both Canvas and Queens.
What happens to MyCourses?MyCourses will be available for faculty and students until December 2020. Starting in January 2021 all courses will only be on Canvas.
What happens to my classes that are on MyCourses?During the Summer and Fall semesters of 2020, content for courses taught over the past two years will be copied over from MyCourses to Canvas. This content will then be made available for Faculty to use when building their Canvas course(s).
What will I see when I log into Canvas?The first thing you see after logging into Canvas is the dashboard. The dashboard displays course cards for your courses. The dashboard also contains a global activity stream for recent activity in your courses. To learn more about the dashboard, navigate to the Canvas Community document: How do I use the Dashboard as an Instructor?
How do I access a course?To access a course, click on its course card or click on Courses in the Global Navigation Menu (on the left-hand side) to select the course. To learn more about the Global Navigation menu, navigate to this Canvas Community Document: How do I use the Global Navigation Menu?
What is the Course Navigation Menu?The course navigation menu is found on the left-hand side of each course and is unique to that particular course. From this navigation menu, a variety of pages, resources, and settings can be accessed and applied.
How do I upload content to my course? We recommend organizing and presenting your content in Modules. Modules (like in MyCourses) are utilized to provide resources, navigational direction, and assessments to students as they progress throughout the course. To add content to the Modules navigate to this Canvas Community Page on Modules.
What are Files?Files in the storage area for your course content (documents, images, PowerPoints, etc.). Files is intended to be instructor-facing, not student-facing. For more information about Files, navigate to this Canvas Community Page on Files.
Where do I put my Syllabus?The course syllabus can be uploaded as a file and then placed in the Modules. Navigate to this page to learn more about uploading files to a course.
Where is the grade book and what do I need to know about it?The grade book is found by selecting Grades as found in the Course Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen when inside a course. As assignments and quizzes are added to the course they will appear on the Grades page. Learn more about Grades.
How do I create an assignment?Assignments can be created on the Assignments page, which is found by selecting Assignments in the Course Navigation Menu.
How do I create a quiz?For a plethora of resources on how to create and edit a quiz navigate to this Community Resource on Quizzes.
How do I message/contact students?You can send an announcement to students using the Announcements tool, found in the Course Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen when in a course. You can also communicate via email. Access email through the Inbox in the global navigation menu.
Where can I get help with Canvas?

Queens has subscribed to the Canvas 24/7 Tier One support. If you need help using Canvas (either to learn more about a function or a feature that is not working as it should) you can:

  • Submit a help ticket from within Canvas. On the Global Navigation menu select Help > Report a Problem
  • Chat online with a support specialist from Help > Chat with Canvas Support
  • Call the support number available on the Help menu.

For Queens-specific technical issues (i.e. unable to log in), contact the Queens Help Desk: or 704-337-2323.​

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