​​​​​Moving from one Learning Management System (LMS) (MyCourses) to another LMS (Canvas) always has certain limitations. As such only certain types of content come over from Moodle into Canvas. No student data, submissions, grades, forum postings (instructor postings included) migrate over. The Migration Map below provides a map of what items did and did not migrate from MyCourses to Canvas.

First, here are the assignments and activities which migrate over:

​MyCourses Content ​​Canvas Equivalent
​​Assignment​Assignments come over with dates, instructions, and points. Rubrics, grading guides, and any instructor added resources (such as a document) does not come over
​Audio Files​Page with a link to the file
​Chat​Chat resource available along with RingCentral integration
​ChoiceSurvey (ungraded quiz)
​Documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, etc.)​Comes over as a file in modules page
​Folder​Page (with links to the files that were in the folder)
​Forums​Discussions (no instructor or student postings transfer over)
​Gradebook​Gradebook / Assignments Page
​Groups​Groups can be setup in courses with more robust application.
​Image Files (.jpg, .png, etc.)​Page with images comes over as a new page. If the image was added to the MyCourses home page as a label, then the image comes over as a new page.
LabelText Headers in a Module
Question BanksComes over, but with errors, and would need to be checked by instructor
​Quiz​Quizzes but come over as ungraded and open, will need to change settings to graded quiz to use for assessment purposes. (Broad category used for quizzes, exams, tests, or ungraded surveys)
​Section/Module Headings​Module Name
​Section Description​Page with module name
​Syllabus​Yes, comes over as document if that was the original format. If part of a module description, then comes over as a page.
​URL​External URL (some adjustment needed to ensure URL opens in new browser window, not embedded in Canvas)

Second, here are the assignments and activities which do not migrate over (mainly due to student data not being exported):

​MyCourses Content ​​Canvas Equivalent
​​News and Announcement Forum​​​No announcements come over, but Canvas has an Announcements ​Forum
​​Book​N/A (A new page is created for each section in the book)
​Calendar information​No calendar information comes over
​JournalsN/A - do not transfer over
​​Kaltura Video Assignment​N/A - utilize integrated RingCentral or Conferences feature
​Questionaire ​N/A (could setup an ungraded quiz)
​Rubrics / Grading Guides​N/A (needs to be rebuilt)
​SurveyN/A (Utilize Quiz feature as an ungraded quiz/survey.)
​​Wiki​N/A (a page is created but it does not offer the same functionality as a Wiki. Instructor will want to utilize groups feature instead)