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​Trauma-Informed Teaching​ and Learning

​Seven Recommendations for Helping Students Thrive in Times of Trauma​

Trauma-informed teaching webinar led by Mays Imad, PhD​

​Abrupt changes such as job loss, sever​​e health concerns, suspension of classes, closing of campus facilities, and varied traumatic experiences can have significant impact on students' educational pathways,​ their daily lives, and their emotional and mental well-being. Rooted in neuroscience, her experiences as a student in wartime, and her experiences as a faculty member supporting students through trauma, Dr. Imad explains in cogent and moving terms the impact of traumatic experiences on students' learning. Then she discusses strategies that faculty can use to mitigate this impact and improve educational outcomes.

Trauma-informed learning webinar led by Mays Imad, PhD​

In times of uncertainty we look to our leaders–at home, at school, and at work.  Even when we know they don't necessarily have solutions, we look to them for guidance and reassurance that things are going to be okay. Our students, especially those who are less privileged, are going to look at their professors for that reassurance and comfort.  While we can't always guarantee them that all will be okay, we can remind them that what they are experiencing (fear, anxiety, trauma) is typical, offer them guidance, and help them connect to things that ground them. This free webinar is designed for educators who are interested in learning about how they can talk with their students about trauma. ​​