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​​​​​​​CAFÉ's approach to supporting faculty excellence draws on a breadth of knowledge and a commitment to improving individual, group, and organizational performance by using systems thinking, exploring root causes, and drawing from a wide range of solutions that include but extend far beyond "training."

As part of its approach to providing faculty support, CAFÉ serves as an internal consultant. 

  • CAFÉ regularly works with faculty members on an individual basis in person, through email, and through video conferencing to address a wide range of questions and issues consistent with CAFÉ's mission. 

  • CAFÉ also works with internal clients in analyzing data to understand group and organizational performance issues and craft effective solutions. CAFÉ's approach is shaped by best practices in performance consulting and specifically the 10 standards established by the International Society for Performance Improvement:​

Standard 1: Focus on Results or Outcomes

Standard 2: Take a Systemic View

Standard 3: Add Value

Standard 4: Work in Partnership with Clients and Stakeholders

Standard 5: Determine Need or Opportunity

Standard 6: Determine Cause

Standard 7: Design Solutions including Implementation and Evaluation

Standard 8: Ensure Solutions' Conformity and Feasibility

Standard 9: Implement Solutions

Standard 10: Evaluate Results and Impact

​Possible solu​tions extend far beyond in-person group or online "training." ​A wide range of solutions encompasses:

  • Providing needed information, in more effective ways (e.g., job aids, checklists, e-newsletters, feedback, performance support)

  • Redesigning work processes or activities

  • Skill development experiences (e.g., training, coaching)

  • Recognition and incentives

  • Altering frames or circumstances to support enhanced performance

​Finding the most effective sequence a​​nd combination of solutions depends on sound gathering and analysis of data and careful consideration of the larger context. Often solutions are ineffective because they are selected without taking a systems view of the larger context and do not address the root cause(s) of the issue. In contrast, CAFÉ​ works through a stepwise process to ensure that sufficient data is gathered and effectively analyzed in proper context before identifying any possible solution(s). 


Laura Lohman

Laura Lohman, PhD, SHRM-SCP, CAAP, PMP

Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Professor of Music

(704) 337-2547