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CAFÉ will be a trusted partner in instructional development, faculty development, and organizational development efforts involving faculty at Queens. See POD Network to learn more about this frame​work. ​​


In support of Queens mission to provide transformative educational experiences that nurture intellectual curiosity, promote global understanding​​​, encourage ethical living, and prepare individuals for purposeful and fulfilling lives, CAFÉ supports the continuous pursuit of faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service at Queens. CAFÉ is committed to delivering the highest quality support for Queens faculty at all career stages through onboarding and orientation, online resources, collegial learning experiences, competitive funding, innovative learning spaces and technology, consulting, and collaborative problem-solving.

Strategic Plan

CAFÉ's entire mission is directly aligned with the fourth pillar of Queens strategic framework​, which identifies investing in employee development, recruitment, and retention as a high priority. More specifically, CAFÉ will support Queens strategic framework in the following ways:

  1. Provide and expand leadership development for current and prospective department chairs and program directors to maximize the ability of Queens faculty to achieve excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service and engage in activities that support Queens strategic framework.

  2. Provide support for faculty to engage in multidisciplinary research and academic program development efforts that connect Queens to its broader community.

  3. Provide professional development for faculty in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For further details of supporting activities, please see the CAFE Strategic Plan​.​

​CAF​É designs, develops, facilitates, and delivers:

  • Personalized support through one-on-one consultations

  • Practical 24/7 online reso​​urces to support full-time and adjunct faculty

  • Workshops, available in person and through videoconferencing

  • Multi-day institutes

  • Orientation and onboarding into new roles

  • ​Collegial faculty conversations to share existing expertise and guidance

  • Faculty work groups or learning communities

  • Department or team projects​​​

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