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Welcome to CAFE --your faculty development center!

Mission, Goals and Services
The Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence is committed to all aspects of faculty success, at all career stages. To this end, CAFÉ provides Queens' faculty with expert consultation and programming to support diverse teaching and learning strategies; offers training in innovative pedagogical techniques, experiential learning, and active learning strategies; supports and assists faculty in designing, developing, and deploying successful research programs including the scholarship of teaching, learning, and engagement; and fosters the development and documentation of assessable outcomes for faculty. The Center is committed to scholarly teaching and advocacy of a teacher-scholar-service model. As such, the Center is actively engaged in the development and dissemination of evidence-based and high-impact pedagogical practices, inventive and innovative applications of educational technology in the classroom and the curriculum, mentoring, peer observation of instruction, and major campus initiatives including, but not limited to, Queens' student success-oriented Title III Grant, Civic Engagement, and General Education. Throughout the year, a number of engaging workshops and events will be held to address topics that matter to you, the faculty. Our goal is to be inclusive, collaborative, dynamic, and responsive; to foster a sense of community among the faculty and to enhance excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.   

In order to accomplish these goals, we need your help. Using the links to the left (in development), please help us identify what you need to succeed, what you would like to learn more about, and how you can contribute an idea. CAFE strives for inclusion --inclusion of ideas and individuals-- so please help us become the dynamic, responsive, and high-impact Center you deserve!

Workshops and Events, Fall 2017


Printable Version of the November/December Schedule: (CAFE_Fall_Fa17_Nov_Dec.pdf)
Printable Version of the October Schedule: (CAFE_Fa17_October.pdf)
Printable Version of the September Schedule: (CAFE_Fall_Fa17_Sept.pdf)

Faculty First Fridays Flyer! (COMING SOON)


Announcements, Events, and Accomplishments

Welcome new colleagues!

Queens University of Charlotte is pleased to welcome eleven new full-time faculty members to our academic community this semester. To help our new colleagues begin a successful and enriching career, the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ) will host its annual Welcome and Orientation for New Faculty on Monday, August 22, 2016, from 8:15 am until 5:00 pm.

The event will begin with a formal welcome from President Davies, followed by a series of engaging informational sessions led by faculty, students, and staff, and conclude with a reception for new faculty in the Faculty Club. Please consult the NFO Agenda, below, for a complete description of all events.

New Faculty Orientation Resources:

New Full Time Faculty Orientation Agenda: NFO 2016 Agenda.pdf

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation Agenda: Adjunct Orientation 2016.docx

Practical Pedagogy: resources for starting your first semester at Queens and (potentially) in higher education:

Program and Unit Resources:

2017-18 New Faculty Cohort


Our New Colleagues:

  1. Dr. James Allen, Associate Professor of Kinesiology
  2. Ms. Julie Gibbons, Instructor of Nursing
  3. Dr. Jennifer Samson, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  4. Dr. Maureen Walsh Koricke, Assistant Professor of Health Administration
  5. Dr. Chuck Pollak, Visiting Associate Professor of Communication
  6. Dr. Bill Baker, Professor of Accounting
  7. Ms. Jen Grennan, Instructor of Accounting
  8. Dr. Tracy Stephens, Assistant Professor of English
  9. Dr. Aaron Socha, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science

2016-17 New Faculty Cohort

Fall 2016.jpg 

Our New Colleagues:

  1. Dr. Dixie Abernathy, Assistant Professor of Education
  2. Ms. Debbie Bloom, Instructor of Accounting
  3. Mr. William Furman, Assistant Professor of Design
  4. Ms. Leigh Hartman, Instructor of Business Administration
  5. Dr. Angie Hatley, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  6. Dr. Jung Kim, Instructor of Information Systems
  7. Dr. Dana Mangum, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  8. Dr. Marco Scipioni, Assistant Professor of Physics
  9. Ms. Bonnie Shishko, Lecturer in English
  10. Dr. Aaron Socha, Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry and Sustainability
  11. Ms. Judith Schindler-Wallach, Associate Professor of Judaic Studies

2015-16 New Faculty Cohort

 New Faculty WEB 2015.jpg


Brian Smentkowski, Ph.D.                  
Director, CAFE