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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Do you need help with Queens Learning Management System (LMS) called MyCourses? 

This LMS is Moodle and we call it MyCourses. Sometimes you'll also see it referred to as Engage. As announced June 11, 2020, with the exception of approximately 70 online graduate courses, Queens courses will continue to use MyCourses for Fall 2020. This page helps you connect with the current LMS and understand how to access support.​

If you are working to migrate course content between MyCourses and Canvas, you can find detailed instructions in this Migration Process guide. Please navigate to more information pertinent to the campus-wide shift to Canvas

Curated tutorials for MyCourses remain available below. Jump to Canvas lower on this page​ to enter Canvas and access curated tutorials.​


For MyCourses help, you have several options: 

1. You can use the online help that is contained inside MyCourses itself. See Support (click faculty tab) and the Online Faculty Resources​ area.

2. You can use the links below to access that online help on commonly requested topics. 

3. You can ​contact the MyCourses Support Team at 1-866-313-2356 or

4. For other inquires, contact the Hayworth Center for Online Learning at​ ​.​



Gradeb​oo​k and Grader Report


Reduce Scrolling 

For Other Topics  


​Learn How to Use Canvas

Online learning options in Canvas itself are the best way to get started: 

  • Grow​​ing with Canvas

  • Tutorials in courses like your sandbox 

  • Training Services Por​​tal (click Support icon in Canvas)​​

​Topical Help with Canvas

​Selected text and video ​tutorials on common topics are highlighted below.​​

​Technical Help with Canvas

Please use the options through the Support icon ​in Canvas: 
  • Canvas Chat for Faculty

  • Canvas help hotline 855-286-2066

​Queens-Specific Technical Help

For example, if you are unable to log in.

Contact the Queens Help Desk at: 

​​​​Yo​​ur Basics

Course-Wide Items 

F​iles and Media

Organizi​ng Content inside Modules

Working Together​

Assignmen​ts, Discussions, and​ Quizzes


Other Topics​


Laura Lohman, PhD, SHRM-S​​​CP, PMP

Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Professor of Music

(704) 337-2547​​​​