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​​​​​​​​​​​Did you know that a​​s a faculty member you can reserve the Active Learning Classroom in Knight-Crane Hall to use for a class session? 

​Room Feat​ures

In addition to an instructor's podium with a PC, DVD player, and Epson projector, this classroom features:

Students in Active Learning Classroom

  • 4 large wall-mounted displays with HDMI hookups, VGA to HDMI adapters, Apple TV, and remotes

  • Reconfigurable tables and chairs

  • One wall-spanning magnetic whiteboard

  • 4 medium-sized whiteboards

What to Bring

  • Faculty can use the PC at the podium or bring a laptop. 

  • Students should bring a laptop or tablet to share content through the wall-mounted displays.

  • All users should bring an HDMI adapter if their laptop or tablet does not have an HDMI port. 

  • Mac users should bring a Mac device and an HDMI adapter as back-up for Apple TV. 

What Can You​ Do with Your Stude​​nts in This Space?  

To get an idea, pan the Active Learning Classroom here in a new browser window (you can X-out the pop-up) and then keep reading below! Students using the Active Learning Classroom

​Imagine that you had your students set up in small groups, possibly facing each of those wall-mounted displays like some of the photos here. What kinds of activities and problems could you ask them to work on to explore your course concepts - they can use the internet, digital class materials, multimedia and collaborative software. . . . 

​And what if they came up with different ideas to share with the rest of the class? 

It's not only easy for small groups to collaborate, but to present their ideas across groups by sharing their creations, findings, interpretations, and solutions through the wall mounted displays.

Whiteboards make it easy to brainstorm, sketch, plan, and communicate observations along the way. Our Active Learning Classroom is a great environment to encourage active and collaborative learning and teach teamwork.





Planning to Teach in the Active Learning Classroom

Walks you through several planning steps to help your students a have a productive learning experience in the ALC


How to Use the Displays in the Active Learning Classroom

Concise instructions for connecting devices and projecting to the wall-mounted displays and Epson projector 

Faculty, students

Virtual tour of the Active Learning Classroom

Pan the entire room to see the position of wall-mounted displays and whiteboards


Want to Learn M​ore?

Use of the Active Learning Classroom is paused during COVID-19. ​To discuss the pedagogical uses of our Active Learning Classroom or reserve it for teaching purposes once campus has reopened, contact the CAFE Director Dr. Laura Lohman at


Laura Lohman, PhD, SHRM-SCP, CAAP, PMP

Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Professor of Music

(704) 337-2547