In August, 2017, CAFE will supplement the New Faculty Seminar with a continuing and cumulative "first five years program" designed to support faculty success, preparation, and confidence to and through promotion and tenure. This program is heretofore known as the Teacher-Scholar Seminar.

The Teacher-Scholar Seminar is equally dedicated to excellence in each domain, with an emphasis on the relationship between the two. Our goal is to help faculty develop their credentials and provide evidence of their efforts to attain excellence in an ongoing and cumulative fashion. This is accomplished through a highly intentional and innovative "curriculum", delivered in a climate of trust and mutually supportive academic community:

Year One: The Core. New Faculty Seminar. One topic per month.

  • On being a teacher-scholar
  • The principles and practices of scholarly teaching
  • Developing and executing a successful and sustainable research agenda
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Representing your credentials / developing your dossier
  • Critical self- and other-evaluation and reflection
  • Charting a course to a successful academic career
  • Staying on course and course corrections: year-to-year assessment and planning
Years 2-5: Electives
  • Your choice of sessions, at least per semester, on innovations and advancement in teaching and learning, scholarship and research, and professional development.
    • Every semester, the offerings in each category will include advancement-oriented topics that match the evolving interests of the faculty.
    • Teacher-Scholar Seminar sessions will be clearly indicated on each agenda.
  • Every semester will feature a faculty development check-in/cohort conversation, and every year will conclude with a collegial  annual assessment and planning session.
Year 3 and 5: Special Topics
  • The path to tenure and promotion is guided by a series of important mile markers, not the least of which include third year review and the submission of materials for promotion and tenure review.
    • Our goal is to support you at each of these critical junctures.
  • Specially designated sessions on critical reflection and evaluation, preparing and assembling your materials, and refining your dossier will be offered.
CAFE will record participation in all events and generate a certificate annually and at critical junctures (prior to third year review and tenure/promotion review) documenting engagement in the Seminar. As a general practice and policy, the Center does not write letters for candidates seeking career advancement. Our goal is to help you develop the credentials necessary to advance in rank and to provide documentation accordingly. Our certificate identifies and explains the value of your participation in programs designed to enhance your effectiveness as a teacher-scholar.

For more on how Centers in general, and CAFE in particular, can support your progress towards tenure and promotion, please see: