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Yes/And ​

Within our Yes/And experience, Queens students engage an array of significant learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, and then reflect upon and communicate the meaning of those experiences in compelling ways that demonstrate who they are, what they know, and what they can do. 

Students are encouraged to understand and articulate how their varied learning experiences contribute to developing five attributes of a Queens graduate:   

  • Honorable Engagement
  • Agile Thinking
  • Civic Mindedness
  • Professional Adeptness
  • Global Mindedness

Portfolium is a digital learning tool that facilitates this process.  Within Portfolium, students collect, reflect upon, and represent their significant learning experiences and make their learning visible online to peers, faculty and staff, and prospective employers.  By thoughtfully expressing their learning in this way, Queens students distinguish themselves among peers and position themselves for post-degree success. 

*To learn more about Yes/And, explore these FAQs:  YesAnd Staff and Faculty FAQs.docx

*To learn more about the five attributes noted above, explore here:   YesAnd 5 Attributes.docx

*Faculty seeking to learn about Portfolium can view the following webinar:  


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Daniel Terry, Ed.D.
Director of Yes/And, Office of Academic Affairs